About us

The Smart-HR team consists of people with passion
and experience in the field of recruitment,
team training, human resources management and HR consulting.


We work for manufacturing and service companies, in IT, real estate, education, catering, hotel industry and others.

We have completed more than 200 projects in the field of recruitment, workforce optimization management of professional development and career paths of employees. The result is a better use of the capacities and capabilities of employed people and improve the functioning of businesses.

Over the last four years we have been working closely with the international company providing employment services, social assistance, and training and consulting. We are in touch with employers and employees, so that we know and understand the processes occurring in the field of employment.

Smart-HR executes orders in the field:

Recruitment and selection

of employees

HR Consultancy

in the field of personnel management (motivation, reward systems


management, sales,
developing social skills


on Latour law

Human Resources,

Payroll, Health & Safety

We believe that perfectly matched and motivated people
are the biggest treasure of the organization.
Akio Morita

Working with us you get:

Time and cost savings
Time and cost savings
Professional advice
Professional advice
Individual approach
Positive relationships
within the company
Time and cost savings
Individual approach

Our experience includes:

• Employee survey
• Interim evaluations
• Career paths
• Training in people management and time management
• Analysis of training needs
• Incentive systems
• Internal communication strategy
• Creating rules and principles
• Consulting managerial and coaching